Kama Sutra" for lovers with arthritis

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Kama Sutra" for lovers with arthritis Empty Kama Sutra" for lovers with arthritis

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Kama Sutra" for lovers with arthritis


Some nine million Brits of all ages live with arthritis, the UK’s biggest single form of physical disability - but they don’t stop having sex, forming relationships, or having families just because they have the condition. They just have to work harder at it because they also cope 24/7 with serious pain, fatigue, and loss of mobility.

That’s why Arthritis Care is offering a free booklet on sex, relationships, intimacy and arthritis, downloadable from their website.

Kate Llewelyn, Head of publications at Arthritis Care, who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of thirteen, said: “One of the reasons we produced the guide is to address issues people felt awkward discussing. It may be embarrassing to talk to your consultant rheumatologist, nurse or GP about emotional and sexual things, or matters of self-image and self-esteem – and they may be embarrassed to be asked. So where do you turn?”

Couples, she says, need to work out ways of ensuring their personal and sexual relationship is sustained and developed, overcoming and working round the incurable and debilitating condition.

And although pain can be a real passion killer, so can drugs for its relief. Other factors can be psychological – with gender stereotyping: men may feel emasculated if they cannot perform their “traditional” roles like playing sport, carrying heavy objects, and doing DIY. Equally, women may feel unfeminine if they put on weight with steroids, cannot do the housework or lift their children as a result of having arthritis. Others, with limited joint movement, or severe pain may be put off sex altogether, or find some of the traditional sex positions too uncomfortable.

Said Kate: “The book has got diagrams of lovemaking positions which people of differing physical abilities and limited movement have found useful. If you’ve got problems with your spine, or hips, or knees, it makes sense to experiment with positions that place least weight or strain on the rogue joints. Of course, after joint surgery or replacement, you may be advised to take a temporary break from sex, but, relationships are more than sex, and, with this guide, abstinence may make the heart grow fonder.”

As well as the booklet, Arthritis Care runs free, confidential helplines staffed by trained counsellors, all with personal experience of arthritis, and callers can request to speak to a counsellor of either gender.

For more information call the Arthritis Care helpline on 0808 800 4050, open 10am-4pm weekdays, or visit the link below.

Relevant links
www.arthritiscare.org.uk. (Opens a new window)

This article first appeared on www.maturetimes.co.uk website"

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