Vaccination - You Should Be Educated About It

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Vaccination - You Should Be Educated About It Empty Vaccination - You Should Be Educated About It

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Vaccination - You Should Be Educated About It

You can get a vaccination for meningitis, HPV, polio, smallpox, measles, mumps, pertussis and many other diseases. The idea is that by getting a shot with a "watered down" version of a virus or bacteria, your body will attack it, kill it and store the information for later; therefore, if you pick something up again, the body will immediately respond by attacking it before cellular damage occurs. But how much do you know about the pros and cons of immunization?
According to medical information, on one hand, vaccinations are needed because we cannot face the alternative. Plagues and disease epidemics once ravaged the globe in epic proportions, killing millions worldwide. Many health experts credit vaccinations with the eradication of smallpox and polio; once deadly killers.

Additionally, immunization is considered to be one of the most cost-effective health prevention methods. According to the World Health Organization, every dollar spent on vaccines saves the average American $27 in health expenses.

Hundreds of thousands of deaths have been prevented each year by administering a simple vaccine, experts say. They add that the new rotavirus diarrhoea vaccine will save 300,000-600,000 children each year and the new human papillomavirus vaccine will prevent 500,000 cervical cancer deaths.

The argument against vaccinations may seem radical. After all, only 1-2% of the population are said to be at risk for developing allergic reactions or uncomfortable side effects. However, there are documented long term conditions related to immunization, including: autism, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, allergies, cancer, and other conditions that have only emerged over the past 30 years, when routine vaccination procedures became the standard.

Some vaccine components include carcinogens like thimersol, aluminum phosphate, and formaldehyde. Respected American physician Harris Coulter believes that low-grade encehalitis is directly linked with immunization in 15-20% of all children. Natural byproducts included learning disabilities, brain damage, epilepsy, sleep disorders, eating disorders, sexual disorders, asthma, crib death, diabetes, obesity and impulsive violence.

A German study found correlations between vaccinations and 22 neurological conditions. Some health experts say the danger is that some elements in vaccines may survive and mutate in the human body for years, with untested consequences.

No matter what you personally believe about the vaccination issue, it is a topic you should be educated about. Many parents blindly trust their doctors and modern medicine, without a second thought. Yet, given the surge in cancer cases and other diseases, we should be more vigilant about the contact we have with our surrounding environment. Sure, there are millions of potential carcinogens, but the least you can do is think of immunization as a decision, rather than a mandate.

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