Risk To Develop Pancreatic Cancer Increased by Obesity

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Risk To Develop Pancreatic Cancer Increased by Obesity Empty Risk To Develop Pancreatic Cancer Increased by Obesity

Post  natashachamberlin on Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:43 am

Risk To Develop Pancreatic Cancer Increased by Obesity

A blood protein linked to obesity and a sedentary lifestyle may increase the risk to develop pancreatic cancer, according to recent studies conducted by researchers at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.
The study involved almost 150 people who suffer from pancreatic cancer and almost 430 healthy people. The results showed that a group of participants with low levels of protein IGFBP-1 have a double risk to develop pancreatic cancer.

IGFBP-1 is a protein that connects to a growth and development hormone. This hormone, also known as IGF, may help the growing of pancreatic cancer cells. IGFBP-1 protein may also increase the risk to develop colorectal and endometrial cancer, according to previous studies.

Weight control and an active physical lifestyle seem to be important risk factors for pancreatic disease along with smoking, according to Dr. Brian Wolpin, lead author of the study. Previous studies showed that twenty-five percent of pancreatic diseases are caused by smoking, while a similar amount of pancreatic cancer cases are caused by obesity and the lack of exercise, said Dr. Wolpin.

The study`s results proved that participants with low blood levels of IGFBP-1 protein are more likely to suffer from pancreatic cancer. Previously, researchers linked low levels of this protein with the lack of physical activity and obesity.

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