Hair diet - how can a good hair diet promote hair growth

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Hair diet - how can a good hair diet promote hair growth Empty Hair diet - how can a good hair diet promote hair growth

Post  natashachamberlin on Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:46 am

Hair diet - how can a good hair diet promote hair growth

We can decelerate baldness by having a healthy body. This is an viable goal and can easily be attained by strictly monitoring what we take into our body which is our diet.
A hearty hair diet is free from damaging toxins with all the vital nutrients that are essential for one’s general well being. Similary to our body, hair needs a balanced, nutritious diet to stay healthy – which is also known as good hair diet.

To ensure a hearty hair diet, the following food can be added to our meals: fish, liver oil, carrots, brewers yeast, citrus fruits, whole grains, egg yolk and green vegetables. These foods are sources of, vitamin A which is an anti-oxidant that improves the health of the scalp, vitamin E which raises scalp blood circulation and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) a vitamin that retard graying and loss of hair.

Citrus fruit is crucial to one’s diet not only as a supply for vitamin C, but also helps the body to absorb iron from non meat sources. Protein is found in most of the animal source foods, particularly meats, fish, milk, cheese, eggs and yogurt, and protein helps to boost a stronger hair with less split ends.

A good hair diet also has to contain lots of water. Water is a major component of the body and of hair. Water keeps the hair silky, soft and shiny. A good hair diet should includes 8 to 10 glasses of water a day for good hydration and flushing out toxics that residue in our body.

Silica in the diet is also crucial in preventing breakage of hair, and it can be found in foods such as potatoes, cucumbers, bean sprouts, green and red peppers. They are all rich in silica and should be incorporated into our hair diet.

It is impossible to receive all the nutrients from the food that we took daily, therefore having a vitamin supplements should be considered. However, we should seek advices from medical doctors when taking our vitamins as excess or improper intake of vitamins might do more harm to us.

Lastly, we also need to consider what kind of food that is entering our body. For a healthy hair diet, we need to avoid processed food, or food that has high sugar content, high amount of fats, raw food from unreliable source, and food with excessive salt content. We also need to avoid drinking too much alcohol, and smoking.

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